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Melkbos Kitesurfing Spot

About 10-15km from Dolphin Beach you get Melkbos/Melkbosstrand. Another very popular/crowded spot but also very good on its day. If it’s blown out at Sunset, this is the place to be. On good days the wind is very consistent and you will have some awesome jumping and wave riding conditions. 

Melkbos picks up more swell but less wind than Tableview. The beach is very wide, not great for spectators or family, and there are no facilities. There is a lot of space to set up your kite on the beach and good parking options.

The wind is usually pretty gusty on the beach, so don't fly your kite straight overhead. Keep your kite lower and quickly make your way to the water.

BEWARE this spot is very popular with surfers and windsurfers. The surfers usually stay upwind, where they are sheltered from the wind. On a day with some decent wind and waves, there will be 100's of windsurfers. They get a bit territorial about this spot. It is a great wave spot for windsurfers, but that doesn't stop us kiters from shredding here in an SW. PLEASE GIVE SURFERS SPACE AND PRIORITY.

The Kite Spot – Melkbosstrand 

Best winds: October – March

Best Direction: SW, S, SSE

Also works: SSE, SSW, NW

Water Temp: 4/3 or 3/2

Water Type: Flat to Big Waves

Beach Type: Sand and shells

Riding Type: Wave-riding, Freestyle and Big Air

Experience: Great location for all levels of riders.

Melkbos is the northernmost of Table Bay’s quality beach-breaks. The further from Cape Town you drive north, the later the wind will arrive. The south-easterly starts further south, so it doesn’t generally get as windy here as Sunset Beach. However, the waves in front of this very long sandy beach are usually well-sized – that’s why Melkbos is very popular with locals and tourists. This is a awesome kitesurfing spot for all levels of riders.


This kite spot picks up more swell than other spots closer to town but wouldn't say it is a swell magnet. SW swell is the best but can also work on a SE.

Find out more about the current wind and waves on Windguru.com.

As a local, I would say Windguru is the most used / most reliable forecast app in Cape Town. Search for Melkbos, it has its own wind meter.

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