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Platboom Beach


Platboom Beach / Cape Point

About 1 and a half hours drive from Blouberg, you have one of the most raw/rough spots in South Africa. Platboom Beach is located inside the Cape Point Nature Reserve, close to the most southern point on the Cape Peninsula.

If wave riding is your thing then, you will find a awesome kite spot called Platboom beach. A relatively small isolated beach with tons of rocks and along the fine sand.

This kite spot is for advanced kiters only, not only because of the rocks, but if you get into a sticky situation here you will more than likely find yourself getting slammed with a 6 + meter wave. The waves here are both big and clean breaking.

The waves are actually very clean and come in as sets. Perfect place to train your wave riding skils, but not a place to learn wave riding. This kitesurfing spot is for really advanced riders only.

With SE wind direction, or other wise known as "The Cape Doctor". The spot can be a little gusty. However when coming from the S, being side shore it is much more smooth.

From Cape Town drive south down the peninsula and keep driving south following signs to Cape of Good Hope.

You will follow this road almost to the end and you will find a spot to launch your kite. All rigging is done on the beach. The only bad thing about Platboom, is that the nature reserve demands a ZAR 55 entry fee per person.

This is the most southern kitesurfing spot on the Cape Peninsula and is also one of the best. This beach is a real a swell magnet and the waves are normally double as big waves as in Blouberg. Excellent riding conditions with perfect sideshore wind in the famous South-Easter.

THE KITE SPOT – Platboom Bay

Best winds: October – March

Best Direction: SE, NW

Also works: SSE, S

Water Temp: 4/3

Water Type: Medium to Big Waves

Beach Type: Sand and Rocks

Riding Type: Wave-riding and Big Air

Experience: Advanced to Pro. This is not the place to mess up.


Picks up almost anything. It rarely gets below head high. Excellent waves! Can't stress this enough, but they can be up to 6m. Beautiful sets. You will most likely need your 4/3 wetsuit all year round, although there was once spotted a German in a shorty.


SE but if ESE it can work too. If the wind is NW it will most likely be stronger than Blouberg. 

The winds are a bit gustier with SE wind. In the summer time, the most consistent wind is S to SE, which is almost perfectly sideshore. This is the perfect wind and can get very strong at times, up to 50 knots +. The wind usually picks up in the early afternoon and blows throughout the day.

BEWARE of the baboons , do not show them signs of food or they will attack you and eat you alive… Well almost.

The long, hot summer from October to March is peak windy season with the best wind conditions on beautiful sandy beaches.

The air temperature is anywhere between 25 - 33 degrees Celsius but the water is pretty cold, between10-15°C in the summer and 13-17°C in the winter.

The longer the Cape Doctor blows (SE wind), the colder the surface water gets. Cold current water is pushed south along the coastline. Doesn't matter much in summer though.

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