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Witsand – East Coast


Whitsand - East Coast

Witsand is a 4-hour drive from the center of Cape Town. The Kitesurfing spot is in the Breede River Estuary. The closest town nearby is Swellendam and that town is 224km east of Cape Town.

Whitsand offers a Brazilian style slick with great kitesurfing winds. 

This is really one of Cape Towns and South Africans hidden gems. A lot like Shark bay, it is a lagoon, which is protected from the sea. So it is super flat! The sandbar protects the lagoon from the ocean. 

This is an awesome place for any level of rider to practice their tricks. Freestyle tricks especially, because of the butter flat water. 

There are some waves in the ocean for the wave riders and kiters looking for some kickers. There are small to medium waves at this spot. 

The Kite Spot - Witsand (East Coast)

Best winds: October – March

Best Direction: SE, S,

Also works: NW

Water Temp: 3/2 or shorty

Water Type: Lagoon and ocean

Beach Type: Sand and some shells

Riding Type: Wave-riding, Freestyle and Big Air

Experience: Great location for all levels of riders.

The wind here is very smooth and consistent at Witsand. So if the forecast says it's good, it most likely is. The water is much warmer here than for example Kite Beach in Cape Town

This is a perfect place for beginners and intermediate riders, to try to improve their skills. The beach is super fine and clean sand with little to no obstacles. Keep a close eye on the tide!

There is a big tide fluctuation at Witsand, so don’t leave your kite lying around on the beach for too long. The tide might come up and wet your kite or even worse, there is a risk of losing your equipment. 

One of the best places to kite at this spot is the sandy split in the Breede River Estuary. There is extremely flat water (be cautious, it is very shallow) and on the low tide, it offers even more riding areas. Make sure to check out the forecast before you take the long drive. WINDGURU


This river mouth and the kite spot is probably some of the most sharky kite destinations in the world. Yes..... Sharks. A lot of sharks.

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