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Crayfish factory


Crayfish factory

About an hour and a half down the coast (100km south), you get The Crayfish Factory in Scarborough which is a wave riding spot. Probably one of the gnarliest wave riding spots in the Western Cape.

If you don’t know what you are doing, you can get into big trouble here. 

It is located on the Atlantic side of the peninsula. With barely any protection from the big ocean, this area gets some very cold big swell and gale force winds from the Atlantic.  

On its day, this is one of the best wave riding spots in Cape Town.

Crayfish factory is at the far point by Whitsands. It is located between Kommetjie and Misty Cliffs. When you park by Misty, you can see the Crayfish factory at the end of the beach. It is a far walk from Whitsands / Misty Cliffs, so I would recommend driving down. There is a little parking lot.  


It only really works on an NW, which is quite rare in the summer months. It is possible to ride in a S or SSE but wave riders definitely prefer the NW. If the wind is too easterly, it will be incredibly gusty, as the wind runs down the mountain. 

The waves stack up and often has some big steps on the face. It bends around the corner, allowing very intense but short rides. You don’t want to get caught in on the inside, it’s packed with rocks and you have a very good chance of adding Rockstar to your resume and equipment. 

THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER SPOT. It doesn't matter what board you are riding, surf, kite or windsurf, this spot is only for advanced riders.

Best winds: October – March

Best Direction: NW

Also works: S to SSE

Water Temp: 4/3

Water Type: Small to Big Waves

Beach Type: Rocks and Seaweed

Riding Type: Wave-riding

Experience: Advanced to Pro. This is not the place to mess up.

Swell Direction:

This kite spot catches anything westerly. Again the wave can get pretty gnarly here, some of the biggest waves in the Western Cape. Even though I would never recommend a board leash to any kitesurfer, this is probably one of the exceptions.

If you lose your board, it will end up on the rocks.

Make sure to visit Windguru to check the wind and waves before you drive down the peninsula.


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