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Main Beach, Langebaan

The Main Beach in Langebaan is about 1 hour north of Blouberg. About 1h 30min from Cape Town International Airport. That makes it an ideal place to go for a day or two.

Cape Town is one of the best kitesurfing destinations worldwide in its windy session. Professionals from all over the globe come to Cape town to train for kitesurfing events. Langebaan's and Shark bays beaches are famous within the kiting community and all throughout the world.

One of the most talked-about flatwater spots in the Western Cape. Not only is this a very safe area to kitesurf, but it is also ideal for beginners and flatwater enthusiasts. (Freestylers)

And if you are not going to kitesurf, there is still the stunning nature, which is worth the hour drive. It is a nice little peaceful village. Or at least in the low session.

Langebaan actually has 3 good spots, where the one by Club Mykonos, is the only wave riding spot.

The waves are usually pretty small as the shore is protected from the swell. You can get lucky and find waves in a westerly swell. Great beginner friendly/freestyle / freeriding spots on Langebaan Main Beach and Shark Bay. 

Kite Spot - Main Beach, Langebaan

Best winds: October – March

Best Direction: SE to SW

Also works: W to NW

Water Temp: 4/3 or 3/2

Water Type: Flat to choppy

Beach Type: Sand and some shells

Riding Type: Freestyle, Big Air and Free ride

Experience: Great location for all levels of riders.

The SE is the best but if it is an SW and it’s not working in Cape Town there will be wind in Shark Bay and Main beach.  The summer months are warm and you can wear a shorty in the lagoon.

You don't get any waves in Shark Bay but you might find a little ankle-high wave downwind of Main Beach.

If you are looking for some wave riding or big air, go check out Mykonos. On a westerly swell, you can get a decent size wave there.

Kitesurfing Facts

Wind Info

The Windy Season is from October to March. December to February being the best wind of the season.

Best Wind Directions are SE to S.

Water Conditions

Water Type is flat to choppy.

Water Temperature is nice because it's in a lagoon. Shorty might be needed. This spot is very good for beginners.

The Beach

The Beach is all sand with a large set up area. This spot gets crowded in high season.

Riding Type is Free-ride, Freestyle, Big Air


There is two spots; The Main beach is in the ‘mouth of the lagoon’, where Shark’s Bay is located inside the lagoon.

For Kitesurfing Lessons in Langebaan

With perfect flat water, consistent wind, warm water and safe areas to practice, this has become one of the places to be, when you want to learn to kitesurf or improve your freestyle skills.

It’s great for anybody who is not feeling totally comfortable in the water. The lagoon is safer than the ocean. This has become a real popular place for total beginners and kiters that want to take it to the next level.

Langebaan is where I learned to kitesurf and after traveling the world, it is still one of the best I have visited (No sharks, no waves).

Langebaan's main beach has a long beach with white sand and a great place to go for a dip even without a wetsuit. Keep an eye on the ground, there can be some nasty shells. 

You will be visiting a small village on the outskirts of Cape Town. There are only a few supermarkets and restaurants. The water and the wind make it the perfect location for beginners to learn to kitesurf. It gets very busy in high season. Langebaan is the flat water mecca of South Africa. The water is warmer than Blouberg and the rest of Cape Town because you kite inside a lagoon.

You have restaurants and B&B’s right on the beach.

If you are kitesurfing in South Africa, Main Beach in Langebaan is a must-visit.

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