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Kitesurfing off the roof of a hotel

Nick Jacobsen does a kitesurf jump into swimming pool

So a few weeks ago in the Bahamas, the water was super flat, nice steady wind, pretty much the perfect setup for a freestyle session. It was a day where you would expect to see this kind of kitesurf jump. Kitesurf Nick Jacobsen

But the people on the beach watching the the kitesurfers in the ocean were not the only ones to get a show.

The hotel guests were stunned to see a kitesurfer, kiting in the hotel swimming pool.

It was the Danish Daredevil Nick Jacobsen at it again.

In the video below, you can see him showing off his tricks in the pool, even doing a kitesurf jump over the little bridge that runs over the pool.

After having a bit of fun in the pool and checked out the ‘spot’. He then decided to descend up to the tallest point of the hotel, on one of the roofs.  

The sign said ‘No Diving in the Pool,’ but it didn’t say ‘no kiting off the roof and land in the pool,” Mr Jacobsen explained.

And 3, 2, 1 there he goes. He jump off the roof and landed super soft in the pool.

He does this trick just after having accomplished a 200m+ jump off Burj Hotel in Dubai.


He is cocky enough to do a one-footer mid air.

If you enjoyed that video, make sure to check out this video of Nick Jacobsen. This video gives you a clear idea of what who Nick Jacobsen is.

Fly Me To The Moon (Cabrinha Kitesurf Jump starring Nick Jacobsen)


Keep an eye out for Nick Jacobsen in the future. He has been working together with DubaiX AND Virgin, so you never know what’s gonna happen next.

He has being doing some sweet kitesurf jumps lately.